Where it began 

We met Skip in the little village of Budel, the Netherlands, where he lives in the coolest house with his wife and daughter. This inspiring place is not only his home, it’s also his beloved workshop. A couple of rusty hotrods immediately catch our eye, whilst the morning sun rays work like a natural spot light. An inspiring place where literally everyone becomes a hotrod lover.

Skip was born in 1974. Call it coincidence or not, but the car scene was booming that year. He grew up in a small, peaceful village in the Netherlands. Somehow his love for cars started then and there. Skip: “I’ve always been a technical guy. After elementary school I decided to study for metalworker. Near my house was a scrapyard full of American cars and car parts. That place stole my curiosity from the beginning. It felt like a magical place to me. I regularly stopped by to see what kind of new gems the owner had found.”

Our trip to LA

Together with this talented man, we went on an unforgettable trip to LA, where he was on the hunt for a new project and told us all about his inspiring life story. Skip: “The southern part of the USA is the cradle of the hotrod scene. When Petrol asked me to go on this journey with them to find their own hotrod, my mind was made up in just a few seconds. After all, I find almost all my inspiration in this part of the world. I’ve flown to America a couple of times before, to import new cars for myself. In this amazing country and online, I met some great, talented people. The hotrod scene is a very friendly scene without any struggle. Whenever you need help fixing your new project, you’ll end up getting an overload of advice.”